Cabling: Customer Provided Cable

If the ISS provided cable is not to be used a customer-provided cable can be used. The cable must be a CAT 5e or better and must be outdoor rated and must have a drain wire (avoid cables without drain wires). The recommended connector used to plug into the Echo sensor is a CONEC Industrial Ethernet Circular Sealed RJ45 Connector, part number 17-101794.

The length of the cable is dependent on the power supply. If the power supply is 12VDC the cable should not exceed 50 ft (15.24 m) in length. Longer cables can be used when the power supply is 24VDC.

The outer diameter of the cable must be compatible with the preferred CONEC connector, which is supplied as a kit, and comes with a shielded RJ45 plug shell. This shell can accept cable diameters ranging from 0.2 in. (5.08mm) to 0.26 in. (6.73mm).

Hard cable jackets, like the ones used for outdoor cables, are restricted to the lower end of this range. When choosing a cable, be aware that cable manufacturers often specify a nominal overall cable diameter, rather than a maximum. Choosing a cable that has a nominal diameter that is close to the limit may result in a very tight fit, or no fit at all. The RJ45 plug is compatible with stranded or solid wires.

The cable must be properly shielded. If the cable is not shielded, or if it has inadequate shielding, the Echo may be permanently damaged if subjected to a surge on the data or power lines. If a foil shield is used, it should have a drain wire. The foil, by itself, may not provide enough protection during voltage surge events. The best methods for shielding are listed, below, in order of effectiveness:

Make sure that the cable shield is securely connected to the metal shell of the RJ45. Shielding of the twisted pairs within the cable is not required; only an overall cable shield is required.

For information on installing the CONEC connector on the cable, see the IP67 RJ45 assembly instructions at:

IP67 RJ45 assembly instructions download