Cabling: ISS Provided Cable

The RTMS Echo uses an outdoor rated CAT5e or CAT6 cable that provides both power and Ethernet communications. ISS provides a cable with each RTMS Echo sensor. The cable has the following features:

The connector also contains an element to which the ground wire is attached. The other end of the cable is what needs to be connected to power, communications and ground in the breakout box. Cable pinout is a combination of standard Ethernet and custom. The green and orange pair are wired like standard Ethernet for 100Mbits per second data transfer. The wiring and pinouts for the connector are shown in the figure below.

This is a picture of the software.

The non-colored wire in the cable must be connected to Earth ground in the breakout box if the cable is not terminated with an RJ-45 connector. If it is terminated with an RJ-45 connector, the connector must have an element to which the ground wire can be connected, such as with the Conec 391J00039X connector.