Configuring the IP Address

The contact closure module will be preset to use the following IP address:

Port X001 (maintenance) -
Port X101/X102 (data) -

  1. Verify the DIP switch match the following settings:
    • Switches 1-8 are in the ON position while switches 9 and 10 are in the OFF position.
    Image of DIP switch positions.
  2. Set the IP address of your PC to
  3. Connect the network cable of your PC to the maintenance port X001.
  4. Open an Internet Browswer and navigate to the following URL:
  5. Enter login credentials:
    • Username: administrator
    • Password: Echo123
    Screenshot of login box
  6. In the Hardware section, click NIC. Screenshot of Network Interaface settings
  7. Set "TCCATMP1" address and default gateway to desired subnet.
  8. Click the check mark button after the network changes have been made to TCCATMP1.
  9. In the Device section, click Boot. Screenshot of Device settings
  10. Click the Reboot button at the bottom of the screen to reboot the system.
  11. Verify the IP address after the reboot.
  12. Connect the Echo Ethernet port and CX8190 X101 Ethernet port to network switch or point to point.