Detecting Zones

The auto zone finder process scans the range of the RTMS Echo beam and positions up to 12 detection zones, representing lanes where vehicles are detected. The process requires free flowing traffic in all lanes of interest and is dependent on traffic volume being present. Approximately 20 vehicles are needed to fully define the lane boundaries for each zone. The auto zone finder will time out after eight and a half minutes even if 20 vehicles have not been detected per zone. If all zones are discovered prior to the eight and a half minutes, you can select All zones found to complete process.

  1. Select the Zones tab.
  2. Click Auto detect zones. This is a picture of the software.

    There will be about one and a half minutes of prep time before detection begins. As objects are detected the detection heat map appears in the radar beam image. Zones will appear when the system has determined that the detected objects are vehicles instead of stationary objects (i.e., barriers, etc.). The full process, including prep time, takes approximately eight and a half minutes; however, if all zones in the detection area appear, you can click All zones found to stop the process.

    Screenshot of All Zones Found

    After the eight and half minutes, the process has timed out and an extend button appears. The purpose to extend is if the required number of vehicles have not gone through the lane(s) needed.

  3. Click on the first zone. This is a picture of the software.
  4. Enter a name for the zone. A maximum of 25 characters can be entered.
  5. Click the drop-down under Traffic direction and select the direction of traffic in the zone.
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for the remaining zones.
  7. To widen, shorten, or adjust zone positions, use the controls provided on the page.
  8. When complete, click Save changes.
  9. Verify vehicle counts.