Settings: Traffic Data Storage

This function is used to determine what action is to be taken when the memory in the RTMS Echo sensor is full.

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. In the Traffic data storage section, click Change. This is a picture of the software.
  3. Select the action to be taken when the sensor's memory is full.
    • Overwrite oldest - when memory is full continue storing messages by overwriting the oldest messages. There is a one-for-one operation for both the per-vehicle and aggregate data tables; the oldest record is removed when a new record is saved.
    • Stop collecting - when memory is full no new messages will be stored in internal memory. In this case, the only way to start saving messages again is to either select Overwrite oldest or to click Clear all collected data.
  4. To clear (delete) all data in the sensor's internal memory, click Clear collected data then click Yes when the confirmation window appears..
  5. If a change was made, click Save changes.