Verifying Vehicle Counts

The vehicle count verification of a successful zone setup is an essential part of the installation. During the process you will compare RTMS Echo volume counts over a period of time to a manual (visual) count for the same interval. Use of a hand-held tally counter is recommended.

  1. Select the Calibrate tab. This is a picture of the software.
  2. To ensure that all columns are set to zero, click Clear all.
  3. Select the check box for the zone(s) for which vehicles are to be counted.
    • There should be one person with a hand-held counter monitoring each zone selected.
  4. Click Start and immediately begin manually counting vehicles as they cross the radar beam.
  5. Continue counting until a minimum of 50 vehicles have been counted for each selected zone.
  6. Click Stop.
  7. Enter the number(s) from the counter into the Manual Count column.

    The difference between the Sensor count and Manual count in difference and percentage of deviation is immediately calculated.

    If the Sensor count is greater than the Manual count by 5% or more, this could be caused by:

    • "Splashing” (vehicles in one zone are shown as being detected in an adjacent zone)
    • Lane changing
    • Reflections from fixed objects

    If the Sensor count is less than the Manual cunt by 5% or more (negative percentage), this could be caused by:

    • Missed small vehicles
    • Occlusions
    • Incorrect aiming
  8. Are any of the percentages over five percent (either plus or minus)?

    Yes No
    You should make corrections before continuing. For more information, see the files for Optimizing Volume Count Accuracy.

    After adjustments have been made, repeat the verification process.

    Continue with the next step.
  9. To save the accumulated results of verification to a file in the sensor's memory, click Save.

    A download option appears.

    This is a picture of the software.
  10. To download the saved file to your computer, click Download.

    The file is saved to your default folder as a CSV file.